Stands for Display

Stands for Display

Powder coated sturdy structure.

Available for holding

- 2'X3' Board - LBS 6090

- 3'X4' Board - LBS 90120

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Useful for both side Writing / Display.

Powder coated stable tubular structure.

Easily foldable to carry and store in a small space.

Different models suitable for sizes

 - 2'X3' (ATS 120)

 - 4'X6' (ATS 180)


Folding type display boards.

Levellers for stable structure.

Full swing pivots for boards.



Useful for portable presentation/teaching requirements with one or both sided boards

Features 360o adjustable revolution

Sturdy steel tubular structure, powder coated in Grey Colour

Options available for castors or levellers

Available for board sizes

 - 2'x3' (RBS6090)

 - 3'x4' (RBS90120)

 - 4'x6' (RBS120180)

 - 4'x8' (RBS120240)

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With its robust and heavy structure, Fixed Board Display Stand FBDS-01 offers a very stable partition and also provides an extremely stable writing surface. It can be used very conveniently with different types of boards but the size remains fixed for one stand.

Universal Board Stand UBDS-01 offers an extensible and highly commutable standard solution for multiple display applications. Along with the types of boards, it can also easily accommodate boards of different sizes with the help of a unique locking arrangement.

UBDS01-120: Suitable to hold boards from sizes 60x90 cm (2'x3') to 120x120 cm (4'x4')
UBDS01-240: Suitable to hold boards from sizes 120x120 cm (4'x4') to 120x240 cm (4'x8')