Dual Desk Pipes - DDP

Catering to the requirement of quality school furniture of elite school, Pragati Systems manufactures a wide range of institutional furniture, made of superior quality raw material making them comfortable and durable.

Steel tubular, heavy & stable structure made of MS Pipes, mechanized manufacturing with powder coating in different color choice.All open ends of pipes are properly sealed with elegant end cap's made of engineering plastic to bear the load and to avoid any injury to students. Rubberized levelling bolts for stability on uneven/slippery floors. Pre-laminated tops/seats of higher density with hot glued edge binding, available in wide variety of colours.
Our design helps student in maintaining a right posture at all time in the class room.
Available in a variety of styles and design
- DDP0203 (For 2nd to 3rd Student)
- DDP0405 (For 4th to 5th Student)
- DDP0610 (For 6th to 10th Student)
- DDP1112 (For 11th to 12th Student)
We also offer customized design to suit your specific requirement.