About us

Bird’s Eye View
Pragati Systems- India’s No. 1 display systems and educational aids manufacturer, was founded in 1981 and is a part of the Pragati Group. We take pride in providing highly innovative, utilitarian and economical products to students and offices, since our inception. We now have more than 2M satisfied customers in India to our credit.

Our Mission
Our mission is to foster learning through excellence and innovation.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a respectable organization remembered for our values.

Our Culture
We believe that businesses should not be carried out with the sole intention of selling products and making profits. We are convinced of the fact that all processes and activities should be aimed at creating something valuable for the society and should encourage self-learning and development. After all, you are rich not by your wealth but by the knowledge you have. For the same reason, we do not engage into malpractices and always adhere to the path of honesty. We put our principles before perfection.

It doesn’t stop at that. We are a learning organization and face times when there are minor hiccups. But, we convert our problems into challenges and make lessons out of the mistakes that we make. We are learning the ropes like our lives depend on it.

We try to create an excellent work environment by encouraging people to speak their minds. Candor and integrity are the key strengths that we have, thanks to the brilliant team of individuals who have joined our organization.

But, what is the best thing about us? We celebrate! Because, that’s what great leaders do. Don’t they?